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Service activities - Procedures required in order to access to, or exercise of, a service activity are listed in alphabetical order.

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Accounting and Auditing Practice - Physical Persons
Accounting and Auditing Services - Legal Persons
Advertisements Display
Advertising Boards
Advocate - Cross border
Advocate - Practice
Advocate - Professional Title of another Member State
Advocate - Trainee
Agronomic - Topographic Engineer
Agronomic -Topographic Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Air Conditioning Automotive Technician
Air Conditioning Systems Inspection
Air Conditioning Systems Inspection - Temporary, Cross border
Aircraft Maintenance Unit
Alcoholic Drinks
Animal Breeding
Animal Carer
Animal Conservation
Animal Feed
Animal Feed Sales -Intermediary
Animal Originated Food Transfer
Animal Products Storing
Animal Scientific Research
Animal Trade
Animal Trainer
Animal Transport
Architect - Cross border
Audit Firms (Statutory)
Automotive Electrician
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Painter
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Beach Facilities
Beach umbrellas
Branch of Overseas Company's Registration
Building and Civil Engineering - Legal persons
Building and Civil Engineering - Temporary, Cross border
Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
Business Incorporation
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Catering and Entertainment Establishment
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Child Minders
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Clinical Dietician
Commercial Agent
Company's Registration
Conversion of Premises
Cosmetics, Selling
Customs Warehouse
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Day Care Centres for adults
Day Care Centres for pre-school children
Day Care Centres for school age children
Dental Laboratory
Dental Technician
Diesel injection pump technician
Drilling Rig Operator
Driving Instructor
Driving School
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Elder Persons' Homes
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer - Temporary, Cross-Border
Electrical Equipment and Appliances Maintainer
Electrical Equipment and Appliances Maintainer - Temporary, Cross-Border
Electrical Installations Contractor
Electrical Installations Contractor - Temporary, Cross-Border
Electrical Services Business - Operation by a Natural or Legal Person
Electrical Services by Natural Persons
Electrical Services by Natural Persons - Temporary, Cross-Border
Electrical Technician Engineer (Senior)
Electrical Technician Engineer (Senior) - Temporary, Cross-Border
Electrician (Wireman)
Electrician (Wireman) - Temporary, Cross-Border
Electronic Engineer
Electronic Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Employees' Registration
Employers' Registration
Employment - EU citizens
Employment - non EU citizens
Employment - Temporary, Cross border
Employment Agency
Energy Performance of Buildings
Engineers - Cross border
European Company's Registration
Exhaust System Technician
Explosive substances - Handling
Explosive substances -Selling
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Firearms and non-firearms
FISCAL Memory Cash Systems
Flight Operations Activity, Specialized
Flying Training Organization
Food Handling
Food Scientist
Food Supplements - Distribution
Food Supplements - Operating a Shop
Food Technologist
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Game Species Trade
Geologist (Applied)
Geologist (Applied) - Temporary, Cross border
Greenhouse Gas Emission
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Hairdresser or Barber
Hairdresser or Barber Shop
Heating Systems Inspection
Heating Systems Inspection - Temporary, Cross border
Homes for persons with disabilities
Hunting Dogs' Training Facility
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Institutions of Tertiary Education
Instrument cluster Technician
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Journalists - Cross border
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Kindergarten School
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Land Surveyor and Evaluator
Land Surveyor and Evaluator - Temporary, Cross border
Lawyer's Company/Partnership
LPG Installer - Automotive
Luna Parks
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Magazines publication
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Medical Representative
Medicated Feedingstuffs Distribution
Medicinal Products Wholesaling
Mine Engineer
Mine Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Motorcycle Mechanic
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Name Approval
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Optical Store
Organic Products' Control and Certification
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Packing House for Agricultural Products
Paintball Field
Panel Beater
Partnership's Registration
Pesticides Store
Pesticides Trade
Petrol Station
Petrol Transport Inspection
Pharmacist - Practising the Profession
Plant and Plant Products
Plant Propagating Material
Postal Services - Non Universal
Postal Services - Universal
Premises - Building permit
Premises - Planning Permit
Premises - Use for Business Activity
Protection and Prevention of Risks at Work
Public Performance
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Radiator Technician
Radiocommunications Services
Real Estate - Legal persons
Real Estate - Natural Persons
Real Estate - Temporary, Cross border
Recognition of Titles or Degrees
Recreational Places with Electric Games
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Sanitary Facilities, Performing Installation Work in
School of Gymnastics
Seed Production Enterprise
Seed Trading
Self Employeed Persons
Social Insurance Scheme Registration
Social Insurance Scheme Registration - Temporary, Cross border
Street Trading
Summer School
Sun Beds
Swimming Pools
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Tachographs on Vehicles
Tax Consultant
Tax Warehouse
Taxpayer's Registration - Temporary, Cross border
Taxpayers’ Registration - Legal persons
Taxpayers’ Registration - Natural persons
Technical Optician
Tobacco Products
Tourist and Travel Agency
Tourist Establishments
Tourist Guide
Tourist Guide - Cross border
Town and Spatial Planning Engineer
Town and Spatial Planning Engineer - Temporary, Cross border
Trade Name's Registration
Training Facility for Hunting Dogs
Training Private Pilots
Tyre Technician
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VAT Registration
VAT Registration - Temporary, Cross border
Vehicle Repairing and Maintenance
Vehicles' Private Technical Control Centre
Vehicles' Speed Limitation Devices
Vehicles' Technical Inspection
Veterinarιan Services
Veterinarian Services - Temporary, Cross border
Veterinary Laboratories
Veterinary Medicinal Products Wholesale
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Water Sports
Weighbridge Weigher
Weights and Measures Repairer
Weights and Measures Repairing - legal person
Wheel Alignment Technician
Wood Treatment and Packing Unit
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