Announcement of the Tax Department

01/09/2020 - Announcements

Announcement of the Tax Department for electronic collection of Taxes and Contributions

The Department of Taxation reminds everyone that in the context of modernization in the service of taxpayers, from September 1, 2020, the collection of Taxes and Contributions to the Cashiers of the Department at the local District Offices has been terminated.

Payments of Taxes and Contributions are now carried out only electronically:

  • through the Tax Portal of the Tax Department at  both for on-time and over-due debts (including interest and charges),
  • through the JCCSmart website at  for overdue debts.

Please note that payments to the Tax Department Funds will be accepted exceptionally and only in cases where electronic payment is impossible. E.g.:

  • Real Estate Tax (individual payment)
  • Non-computerized types of taxes

it is clarified that “Reference Payment Number” (Αρ. Αναφοράς Πληρωμής) which is received from the Tax Portal is used only for payments through your online bank. The use of “Reference Payment Number” for payments made through JCCSmart is not recognized – at this stage – and will be rejected.