Private Employment Agency Operator

Last Update on 27/02/2024

Practice the Profession of a Private Employment Agency Operator

General Information

In order to operate a Private Employment Agency in the Republic of Cyprus, legal or natural persons need to obtain a licence for the operation of such an establishment from the Director of the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

The establishment and operation of private employment agencies is regulated by the Private Employment Agency Laws of 2012 until 2023. The term “Private Employment Agency” refers to any legal or natural person who acts as a mediator for employment of persons available for work, for the purpose of either direct or indirect pay / fee / material gain / other charges or without charge. The term also includes carrying out procedures related to the legalization of the entry, residence & employment of third-country nationals entering the Republic for employment.

The application for issuing or renewing a license for the establishment of a Private Employment Agency can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or by contacting directly the District Labour Offices (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

Department of Labour
Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
9 Klimentos str,
1061 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.: +357 22400836
Fax: +357 22400932


  1. The application for operating a Private Employment Agency must be accompanied by the following:

    1. Certified copy of identity card or passport of the person responsible for the operation of the Office (Private Employment Agency);
    2. Original Clear Criminal Record Certificate for the Directors of the person responsible for the operation of the Agency ;
    3. certified copies of the Academic Qualifications of the person responsible for the operation of the Agency (specifically says in Article 8., Section (1), Subsection (α) (translation) “to hold a recognized diploma, degree or university title in Human Resources (HR) Management, Law, Business Administration, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Public Relations, Political Sciences, Labour Relations, the Labour Market and Employment policies and Career Orientation policies, or in a field of these majors (sciences) related to the subjects of the labor field”; a master’s degree that covers any of the above is also eligible. You would have to find out whether Andragogy is related to one the majors/sciences as mentioned above);
    4. Affidavit that the person responsible for the operation of the Agency does not perform the activities described in articles 6(1)(στ) & 20 (a private employment agency operator shall be prohibited from pursuing the following professional or business activities: (α) cabaret, (β) music and dance club or music establishment or night club, (γ) pub or bar, (δ) cards-playing club, (ε) Models agency, (στ) Betting agency, (ζ) dating agency, and/or (η) artistic agency), (θ) university institution or a private tertiary education institution operating under the laws of the Republic or another Member State;”) and have not been employed in specific Governmental Departments in Cyprus according to the article 6(1)(ζ) of the Private Employment Agencies Law of 2012 ;
    5.  Non-bankruptcy Certificate (Sol in case of a natural person (the applicant is the person responsible for the operation of the office as well) issued by the Insolvency Service;
    6. Certificate of attending a training program related to employment / labour law or certificate of passing the relevant examination (where applicable). It is noted that, the Certificate of Success in the written exam is valid for a period of two (2) years from the date of its issuance;
    7. copy of Work Employment Certificate (from the employer- where applicable);
    8. copy of Certificate of Contributions from the Social Insurance Services.

    For more information please follow the link “Employment Agency (Private)” in the “Related Links”.

  • Fee of €100 for the examination of the first application,
  • Fee of €300 for the first issue of the license.

Administrative Action Against a Competent Authority’s Decision

Any person may file an Administrative Action at the Administrative court against a decision, act or omission of any competent authority or body.
Pursuant to Article 146 of the Constitution, an Administrative Action may be lodged within 75 days from the date of the decision or act or omission or from the day when such decision or act or omission was notified to the applicant.
The Administrative Court acts as a cassation Court and not as a substantive Court. In other words, the Administrative Court may:
I. Dismiss the Administrative Action
II. Annul wholly or partially the contested decision or act
III. Compel the relevant authority or body to take a certain action
After a decision is annulled, the authority and/or public body must reverse things back to the state prior to when the concerned decision and/or act was executed and reexamine.

Appeal Information

An Appeal may be filed against the Administrative Court’s first-instance decision within a period of 42 days from the date such decision was given.
At the Supreme Court (Court of Appeal Section) hearing, the contested issue of the appeal remains the legality of the decision or act already adjudicated for. However, such revision of the legality of the decision or act is solely examined on the matters and the extent that the two parties have limited the reasons in the relevant notice of appeal.
The decision adopted by the Supreme Court is considered final in relation to the matter that has been judged.