Design Firms – Provision of Engineering Services

Last Update on 03/11/2020

Provision of Engineering Services by Legal Entities, Provision of design and other services

General Information

Legal entities wishing to operate an engineering firm in the Republic of Cyprus must register with the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK).

According to the ETEK Law, the term ‘engineering’ covers the professions regulated by the ETEK: architecture (including landscape architecture), civil engineering (including landscape engineering), mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering (including IT engineering), chemical engineering, mine and applied geology engineering, agronomic/topographic engineering, land survey and valuation and town and spatial planning.

Legal entities (limited liability companies and unlimited or limited partnerships) can apply to the ETEK to be registered as a design firm, provided that the ETEK is satisfied that they meet the following mandatory conditions:

  • if the legal entity is a limited liability company, its registered name must end with the acronym ‘E.P.E.’ (limited liability company in Greek) or the acronym ‘’L.L.C.’ (limited liability company), not the abbreviation ‘Ltd’;
  • the company’s registered name must not give an inaccurate, false or misleading impression as to its work and activities and must satisfy the relevant legislation in accordance with Article 6B(4);
  • the company must contract and maintain professional indemnity insurance which satisfies the minimum acceptable conditions and maximum admissible exemptions laid down by the Administrative Committee;
  • if the legal entity is a multisectoral company, it must satisfy the requirements of the relevant legislation in accordance with Article 6B(6).

The application for registration as a design firm can be submitted electronically here (available in Greek, for English please use Google Chrome’s (internet browser) “Translate” option or similar).

Alternatively, in order to register or renew your registration as a design firm, you must  submit the application form via the Cyprus national contact point (PSC Cyprus) or by email to or directly to the competent authority:

Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber
P.O. Box 21826, 1513 Nicosia, Cyprus
Telephone: 22 877644
Fax: 22 730373
Email address:

  1. The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

    • a copy of the application form to register a partnership (if applicable);
    • a copy of the certificate of incorporation of the partnership or company;
    • a copy of the certificate of shareholders of the company;
    • a copy of the certificate of registered office;
    • a copy of the certificate of directors;
    • a copy of the insurance certificate;
    • a copy of the memorandum and articles of association of the company;
    • a solemn declaration (stating that the requirement of Article 6B(8) of the ETEK Law is satisfied);
    • the €100 registration fee (payable in cash, by cheque or bank transfer or online at:


The registration fee is €100 and must be paid with the application (payable in cash, by cheque or bank transfer or online at:

If the application is approved, the applicant must pay the ETEK:

The licence renewal fee is EUR 100 and the registration certificate renewal fee is EUR 10.

Applicants are notified of the licensing decision within three months of the date on which the application and supporting documents were received in due form.

Licences are valid until 31 December of the year in which they were issued.

Administrative Action Against a Competent Authority’s Decision

Any person may file an Administrative Action at the Administrative court against a decision, act or omission of any competent authority or body.

Pursuant to Article 146 of the Constitution, an Administrative Action may be lodged within 75 days from the date of the decision or act or omission or from the day when such decision or act or omission was notified to the applicant.

The Administrative Court acts as a cassation Court and not as a substantive Court. In other words, the Administrative Court may:

I. Dismiss the Administrative Action;
II. Annul wholly or partially the contested decision or act;
III. Compel the relevant authority or body to take a certain action.

After a decision is annulled, the authority and/or public body must reverse things back to the state prior to when the concerned decision and/or act was executed and reexamine.

Appeal Information

An Appeal may be filed against the Administrative Court’s first-instance decision within a period of 42 days from the date such a decision was given.

At the Supreme Court (Court of Appeal Section) hearing, the contested issue of the appeal remains the legality of the decision or act already adjudicated.

However, such a revision of the legality of the decision or act is solely examined on the matters and the extent that the two parties have limited the reasons in the relevant notice of appeal.

The decision adopted by the Supreme Court is considered final in relation to the matter that has been judged.

Registered design firms must comply with the ETEK Law, as amended from time to time, including:

6C.-(1) Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph (b), the Administrative Committee shall revoke the registration as a design firm of any company which ceases to meet the requirements laid down in Article 6B(1).

Provided that the Administrative Committee shall not revoke the registration as a design firm of any company which ceases to meet the requirements laid down in Article 6B(1) due to:

  • the acquisition of a holding where subparagraph (1)(a) applies or, where subparagraph (1)(b) applies, the acquisition of shares by inheritance by a non-member who exercises the profession; or
  • the loss, howsoever that may be, by a partner or shareholder or director, as applicable, of the status of the member who exercises the profession, provided that the aforesaid reasons are remedied within twelve (12) months of the date on which they occurred such that, on expiry of the aforesaid period, the design firm continues to fulfil the requirements of paragraph (1)(a) or (b), as applicable.

(2) Registration as a design firm expires automatically if the design firm is dissolved.

Application for registration as a design firm