Loudspeakers Utilisation for Events

Last Update on 19/11/2020

Licence for the Utilization of Loudspeakers in Events

General Information

In order to utilize loudspeakers/jukebox in events in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain the licence for the utilization of loudspeakers by the District Officer or an authorized person by the District Officer.


Every physical person or legal entity can get permission to utilize loudspeakers provided that he/she applies to his/her local District Administration Office and obtain the above-mentioned licence at least 15 days prior to the date of the event.

The application for the utilization of loudspeakers can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or you can contact directly the local District Administration Office:

District Administration Nicosia
Alkaiou 2, 1458 Nicosia
Tel.: +357 22804304
Fax: + 357 22804314
E-mail: nicosia.dao@nicda.moi.gov.cy
Website: http://www.moi.gov.cy/da

District Administration Limassol
P.O.Box 56062, 3304 Limassol
Tel.: +357 25806500
Fax: +357 25305027
E-mail: limassol.dao@limda.moi.gov.cy
Website: http://www.moi.gov.cy/da

District Administration Larnaca
P.O.Box 40103, 6301 Larnaca
Tel.: +357 24805152
Fax.: +357 24304635
E-mail: larnaca.dao@lcada.moi.gov.cy
Website: http://www.moi.gov.cy/da

District Administration Paphos
Nikodimou Milona 5,
Tel.: +357 26801107
Fax.: +357 26306251
E-mail: paphos.dao@pafda.moi.gov.cy
Website: http://www.moi.gov.cy/da

District Administration Famagusta
P.O.Box 33130, 5311 Paralimni
Tel.: +357 23812070
Fax.: +357 23827735
E-mail: famagusta.dao@famda.moi.gov.cy
Website: http://www.moi.gov.cy/da

  1. There is no requirement for accompanying documents.

There are no fees applicable.


The applicant is notified of the authorisation decision in due time before the event.

The licence is valid only for the duration of the event.

Administrative Action against a Competent Authority’s Decision

Any person may file an Administrative Action at the Administrative Court against a decision, act, or omission of any competent authority or body.

Pursuant to Article 146 of the Constitution, an Administrative Action may be lodged within 75 days from the date of the decision or act or omission or from the day when such decision or act or omission was notified to the applicant.

The Administrative Court acts as a cassation Court and not as a substantive Court. In other words, the Administrative Court may:
I. Dismiss the Administrative Action
II. Annul wholly or partially the contested decision or act
III. Compel the relevant authority or body to take a certain action

After a decision is annulled, the authority and/or public body must reverse things back to the state prior to when the concerned decision and/or act was executed and reexamine.

Appeal Information

An Appeal may be filed against the Administrative Court’s first-instance decision within a period of 42 days from the date such a decision was given.

At the Supreme Court (Court of Appeal Section) hearing, the contested issue of the appeal remains the legality of the decision or act already adjudicated. However, such a revision of the legality of the decision or act is solely examined on the matters and the extent that the two parties have limited the reasons in the relevant notice of appeal.

The decision adopted by the Supreme Court is considered final in relation to the matter that has been judged.



With regards to the use of sound-enhancing instruments for events in public places or near public places:

No person shall use or operate or cause or permit any other person to use or operate any loudspeaker, megaphone, amplifier or other instrument automatically, mechanically or electrically amplifying or transmitting amplified sound:

  • In any public place or;
  • In any other place in such manner or circumstances that the sound so amplified is audible in any public place.

Save under a permit issued by the District Officer or such person as the District Officer may authorize on that behalf and in accordance with such conditions as may be attached to such permit.

The Police is responsible for the inspection of premises and for the general implementation of the above mentioned legal provisions.