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Within the scope of harmonization with the Services Directive, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry has established the Point of Single Contact (PSC Cyprus) in order to facilitate the establishment of businesses in the services sector and the cross border provision of services within the internal market.

The PSC Cyprus is meant to become the single interlocutor, by fulfilling coordinating role, between service providers and competent authorities, for the gathering of information and the completion of the relevant procedures and formalities, which service providers have to comply with in the Republic of Cyprus in order to have access to, or exercise of a service activity, whether through the establishment of a business or by providing services across border from another EU member state.

The PSC Cyprus portal, http://www.businessincyprus.gov.cy, serves businesses and entrepreneurs, whether established in the Republic of Cyprus or in other EU member states, interested in pursuing their business aspirations in the services sector of Cyprus. The portal providers comprehensive information relating to the procedures and formalities required for the access to, and the exercise of, service activities in the Republic of Cyprus, online submission of application forms, tracking the progress of applications submitted, and receipt of decisions.

Procedures for the access to, and the exercise of, service activities are available by service sector, by alphabetical list, by search engine (see Providing Services in Cyprus). Through the Personal Space, registered users can submit application forms, view the application forms submitted and track the progress of their ongoing procedures. A step by step guide is provided for guidance while submitting application forms.

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