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Practising the Profession of Agriculturist


In order to be able to practice the profession of agriculturist in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to register to the Council of Agriculturists and thus obtain the relevant license.

It is noted that the registration and licensing for the practise of the profession of Agriculturist is not required in the case of natural persons who are EU member state citizens or legal persons who have their headquarters in a Member State and are intended to provide their services on a temporary basis or circumstantially in the Republic of Cyprus. In this case, they inform the Council and are registered in the Special Registry of Agronomists who Provide Services.

For their registration in the Special Registry they need to provide the Council with a confirmation from the competent authority of their country that they have the necessary qualifications for exercising the profession of agronomist and that they practice it legally.

Agronomists registered in the Special Registry of Agronomists who Provide Services are crossed out once they have become permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus or in cases where they lose for any purpose the right to exercise the profession of Agronomist in the Member State of which they are permanent residents.

Hide details for Eligibility CriteriaEligibility Criteria

Any natural person is eligible to register and practice the agriculturist profession, provided that the Council of Agriculturists is satisfied that he/she:

  1. is a citizen of Cyprus or spouse or a child of a citizen of Cyprus or a citizen of an EU member state and permanently lives in the Republic of Cyprus;
  2. has the necessary language knowledge for the practicing of the Agriculture profession in Cyprus;
  3. is of good character;
  4. possesses a university degree/diploma in Agriculture or in any field of agriculture obtained from a recognised by the Council university or by any other university equivalent institution; or
  5. possesses a university degree/diploma in a relevant to Agriculture science obtained from a university or higher educational institution and additionally is holder of a Masters degree in one of the fields of Agriculture, such as Agronomy, Agronomy Economics, Plant Protection, Animal Production, Crop Production, etc.;
  6. legal persons who have their headquarters in the Republic of Cyprus or in another Member State have also the right to be registered and exercise the profession of Agronomist, provided they employ at least one registered agronomist licensed to exercise the profession of Agronomist.

In case of any doubt about the university qualifications referred in 4 and 5 above the Council may consult KYSATS.

The Council may, in certain cases, grant a special license to Agriculturists who are third country citizens in order to conduct or supervise a project, provided they will be working in cooperation with a registered agriculturist.

Hide details for Application ProcedureApplication Procedure

The application for registration to the Council of Agriculturists can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or you can contact directly the competent authority:

Council of Agriculturists
Ezekias Papaioannou 21, Flat 9
1075 Nicosia - Cyprus
P.O Box: 4331
Τel: +357 22759868
Fax:+ 357 22374575
E-mail: agronom_registration@cytanet.com.cy

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:
  • certificate of Academic Qualifications by a recognised University;
  • two (2) Passport Photos;
  • copy of professional qualification’s transcript.
  • registration fee of €35(either by cash or cheque);
  • €50 for License issuance (refundable in the case of application is not approved).

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within 3 months from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted.

The Certificate of Registration to the Council is valid for one year. The renewal fee is €50.

Hide details for Obligations and SupervisionObligations and Supervision
Registered Agriculturists are obliged to comply with The Agriculturists Registration Law and Regulations, as periodically ammended.

Hide details for Other AssociationsOther Associations

Pancyprian Union of Agriculturists
Ezekias Papaioannou 21, Flat 9
Telephone: +357 22759868
Fax: + 357 22374575
Email : agronom_registration@cytanet.com.cy
Website: http:www.agronom.org.cy

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