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Wholesale of Veterinary Medicinal Products


In order to wholesale veterinary medicinal products in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain the license for the wholesaling of veterinary medicinal prodcuts by the Council of Veterinary Medicinal Products operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment.

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The Council of Veterinary Medicinal Products (VMPs) issues the license to applicants for distributing VMPs, only in cases where they pass successfully the examinations provided by the regulations ΚΔΠ133/2006. In case the applicant is a legal person, the aforementioned obligation concerns one of its directors.

If applicants are a)registered pharmacists or b)individuals who can prove that they had been practicing wholesaling activities by the date of effect of Act 10(I)/2006 for VMPs or have successfully passed the examination for wholesaling, as provided by Act of Pharmaceutical and Poisons or by Act 116(I)/2001 for VMPs, they are excluded from the above examination.

Also, the following requirements have to be met by the applicants:

  • have suitable and sufficient warehouses in order to store and distribute Veterinary Medicinal Products;
  • have at his disposal suitably trained staff, particularly a responsible person for wholesales and recalls of products from the market;
  • have suitable equipment in order to ensure the safe storage and transportation of Veterinary Medicinal Products;
  • keep detailed records in respect of each incoming or outcoming transaction, narcotics and other documents (Invoices).

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The application, for obtaining the license for wholesaling of Veterinary Medicinal Products in the Republic of Cyprus, can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or by contacting directly the competent authority:

Council of Veterinary Medicinal Products
Veterinary Services
Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment 

1417 Nicosia
Tel: +357 22805169/22805117
Fax: +357 22805122
E-mail: gmp@vs.moa.gov.cy
Website: http://www.moa.gov.cy/moa/vs

The application needs to be accompanied by the following documents:
  • Copy of architectural ground plans;
  • Copy of list of equipment;
  • Copy of employees and employee responsibilities list;
  • Copy of Certificate of Shareholders and Directors(issued by the Registrar of Companies);
  • Copy of curriculum vitae of the trader;
  • Copy of certificate of registration (issued by the Registrar of Companies);
  • the fee of €512.25 for license issuance and the fee of €85.43 for warehouse inspection payable (either by cash, cheque, or bank transfer) to the Veterinary Services.

Before issuing the licence, an inspection is conducted for verification of the fulfilling of the prerequisities. In case there is a need, a follow up inspection is carried out. These inspections are carried out by Inspectors of the VMPs Inspection Unit of the Veterinary Services.

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within 90 days from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted (this period can be extended in case the applicant does not satisfy the prerequisities for issuing the license). The license is valid for 5 years.

Three months before the expiry date of the license, an application should be submitted for license renewal. This application needs to be accompanied by the same fees as for issue.

Hide details for Obligations and SupervisionObligations and Supervision

Licensed distributors of medicated feedingstuffs are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Veterinary Medicinal Products (Control of Quality, Registration, Supply, Manufacture, Administration and use) Law No 10(I) of 2006 as amended and Veterinary Medicinal Products (Procedure and Content of Examinations for wholesaling licence) Regulations of 2006 as amended or replaced.

Obligations include implementation of all provisions related to good storage and distribution practice. Also, required files, registers and documents must be at any time at the disposal of the inspectors for examination during the planned and at hoc inspections at the storage houses of the Veterinary Medicinal Products.

Hide details for Other AssociationsOther Associations

Association of Importers and Distributors of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products
Address: 1509 Nicosia
Telephone: + 357 22 889600
Fax: +357 22 667433
Email : ncci@ccci.org.cy
Website: http://www.ccci.org.cy

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