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Intermediary in Trading Feedingstuffs (premixtures/ additives/ compound feed)


In order to act as an intermediary in packaging, storing, and selling animal feed in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain a Registration or Approval Certificate of Intermediary (depending on the activities with which the intermediary is engaged in) by the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment which is acting for the Feed and Feed Additives Council.

Specifically, an approval certificate needs to be obtained in the case that the intermediary carries out one of the following activities, whereas in all other cases of animal feed intermediaries a registration certificate is to be obtained:

  • placing on the market of feed additives covered by Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003
  • placing on the market of premixtures prepared using feed additives referred to in Chapter 2 of Annex IV of (EC) No 1831/2003;
  • placing on the market, compound feedingstuffs using feed additives or premixtures containing feed additives and referred to in Chapter 3 of Annex IV of (EC) No 1831/2003.

The term “intermediary” covers the persons, besides the manufacturer or the person who produces compound animal feed only for personal use, who has in his/hers possession or responsibility specific feed additives or other specific feed material or premixtures used for animal nutrition during an intermediate stage between production and usage.

The term “animal feed” refers to any substance or product, including additives, whether processed, partially processed or unprocessed, intended to be used for animal feeding.

Hide details for Eligibility CriteriaEligibility Criteria

Every natural or legal person is eligible to obtain the Registration or Approval Certificate of Intermediary provided that the Department of Agriculture is satisfied that natural or legal person possess or has under responsibility the appropriate building establishments, equipment, human resources, quality control system, packaging and storage conditions, proper documentation (registers) etc in accordance with the HACCP principles as well as with the rest of the provisions of the Regulation (EC) Νo 183/2005 laying down requirements for feed hygiene (see related documents).

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The Registration/renewal application for registration of intermediary or the Approval/renewal application for approval of intermediary can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or you can contact directly the competent authority:

Agrochemicals and Feedingstuffs Sector
Department of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment
1412 Nicosia
Tel.: +357 22408633/35
Fax: + 357 22408538
E-mail: feedingstuffs@da.moa.gov.cy

  • copy of Certificate of Incorporation, certificate by the directors and shareholders, (in case of a legal person), certificate of registration of the trade mark (if applicable);
  • copy of registration certificate of a factory regarding the packaging premises issued by the Department of Labor Inspection in accordance with the provisions of the Factοries Law (see Registration of a factory -packaging premises in related links);
  • copy of organizational structure and human resource’s qualifications including the name and qualifications of the person responsible for the preparation and packaging, as well as of the technical and organizational measures tο be taken for the prevention of infections;
  • copy of full details of the design, suitability and maintenance of the establishment and equipment, as well as of the storage conditions for the materials;
  • copy of the quality control program along with the name, address and qualifications of the person responsible for the quality control of the materials;
  • copy of cooperation agreement with chemical laboratory including the name, address and telephone number of the laboratory (in case the intermediary does not own a laboratory);
  • copy of topographic plans, architectural plans;
  • copy of the name and full address of the premises from where the materials will be imported along with:
      1. Confirmation by the competent authority of the country of the individual registration number or approval for each establishment in the European Union or/and (if applicable);
      2. Confirmation for each establishment outside the European Union that the establishment and the country in which it operates are included in the valid lists prepared by the European Union (if applicable);
  • copy of receipt of the payment of the fee of €51, 26.

On site inspections by authorized inspectors are carried out in order to ensure that all the prerequisites, mentioned under “eligibility criteria” section, are met.

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within 3 months from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted. The Registration Certificate is valid for 5 years, while the Approval Certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. The renewal fee is €51, 26 (payable either by cash or cheque).

Hide details for Obligations and SupervisionObligations and Supervision

Approved Animal Feed Intermediaries are obliged to ensure that at all stages of packaging, storing and distribution, under their responsibility, meet the provisions of the Regulation (EC) Νo 183/2005 laying down requirements for feed hygiene and the principles of Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system are met (see Regulation (EC) Νo 183/2005 in related documents).

Indicatively they should:

  • identify any hazards that must be prevented, eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels;
  • identify the critical control points at the step or steps at which control is essential to prevent or eliminate a hazard or reduce it to acceptable levels;
  • establish critical limits at critical control points which separate acceptability from unacceptability, for the prevention, elimination or reduction of identified hazards;
  • establish and implement effective monitoring procedures at critical control points;
  • establish corrective action when monitoring indicates that a critical control point is not under control;
  • establish procedures to verify that that the above mentioned measures are complete and working effectively. Verification procedures shall be carried out regularly;
  • establish documents and records commensurate with the nature and size of the feed businesses to demonstrate the effective application of the above mentioned measures.

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