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The PSC Cyrus Portal offers:

  • provision of information regarding procedures and formalities needed for the access to, and exercise of, service activities, either through the establishment of a business or through the cross border provision of services, that fall within the scope of the Services Directive;
  • provision of information regarding the horizontal procedures and formalities related to the setting up of a business in the Republic of Cyprus, such as income tax registration, VAT registration, Social security registration, registration of companies, temporary residence and employment permits;
  • provision of a wide range of matters such as the economic and business environment, taxation system, environmental regulations, financial assistance, Cyprus in general;
  • provision of information for service recipients;
  • provision of information for businessmen interested in expanding a business in Europe;
  • online submission of application forms for a number of registrations/authorizations, related to the access to and exercise of service activities, such as the establishment of a catering establishment; and the temporary provision of services across border, such as the temporary provision of veterinarian services;
  • tracking of progress of application forms submitted through the PSC Cyprus Portal.

Additionally, through the physical PSC Cyprus/One Stop Shop the following services are offered:
  • provision of general information and guidance to investors, regardless of nationality, interested in establishing their business activities in the Republic of Cyprus in any sector of activity;
  • completion of procedures related to the establishment of a business in the Republic of Cyprus:
    • Company, Parternship, Trade Name Registration;
    • VAT Registration;
    • Income Tax Registration

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