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Living in Cyprus

Top Quality of Life

Cyprus offers a comfortable standard of living. Based on the latest Worldwide Quality-of-life Index conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit for 2005, Cyprus marks favourably and exhibits an exceptional lifestyle and top quality of life. The survey took into account a variety of factors including income, health, freedom, unemployment, family life, climate, political stability and security, gender equality, and family & community life.

Ease of Communication

In Cyprus, English is widely spoken and extensively used in business as well as in every day life; for example, various road signs and restaurant menus are also available in the English language. Remarkably, a good number of media such as newspapers, local radio stations, and television programmes are in English.

A variety of high-standard private schools operate in all towns, catering for the needs of foreign speaking pupils. Apart from the University of Cyprus, English speaking private institutions of tertiary education can be found in all towns.

Low crime rate

Criminality in Cyprus is among the lowest in the world compared to international standards as indicated by International Crime Statistics. Indicatively, the number of serious crimes was 1.039 per 100.000 population; far below the corresponding figure for the European Union, according to Interpol statistics.

Mediterranean Climate

Cyprus has a pleasant climate with dry summers and mild winters, enjoying about 300 days of sunshine per year. The rainy season is confined to the period between November and March. In January, the coldest month, minimum and maximum mean temperatures are 6oC and 13oC respectively, while in August, the hottest month, the corresponding minimum and maximum mean temperatures are 21oC and 36oC.

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