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What is the European Consumer Centre (ECC) Cyprus

The European Consumer of Cyprus is co-funded by the European Commission, through the Directorate General (Justice and Consumer) and the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry. The ECC Cyprus provides information and advice to consumers concerning their rights in case they encounter problems in cross-border transactions within the European Union.

One of the main aims of the Centre is to provide amicable settlement of a complaint or dispute that arises between a seller and a consumer. The Centre solely investigates complaints submitted by consumers against sellers/ providers/ traders and does not in particular investigate disputes arising from transactions between enterprises.

Why was the Network of European Consumer Centres created

Initially the ECC Network was created exclusively for providing information and support to the consumers on subjects that concern cross-border transactions. In time, the role of the ECCs was extended, and priority was given in providing practical information to the European consumers about all the areas related to security and their financial interests.

The ECC Network consults all consumers that face problems with their cross-border transactions and supports them in their claim of demands, proceeding in amicable settlements. Also, it provides information on the Community and national legislation and case law.

Main tasks

  • advise consumers facing problems in cross-border transactions;
  • closely cooperate with other European Networks such as SOLVIT and RAPEX as well as with the Directorate General (Justice and Consumer);
  • encourage the conduct of cross-border transactions.

Contact with ECC Cyprus

European Consumer Centre of Cyprus
2 Agapinoros, IRIS Court,
CY-1421 Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. +357 22867177
E-mail: ecccyprus@mcit.gov.cy
Website: http://www.ecccyprus.gov.cy

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European Consumer Centre of Cyprus

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