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Cross Border Provision of Real Estate Services


In order to temporarily and occasionally provide cross border real estate services in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to notify the Council of the Real Estate Agents.

The term “Real Estate Agent” refers to a natural or legal person whose occupation is to act as an intermediary for a land transaction for a fee. In parallel, Real Estate transaction refers to every transaction for the conclusion of an agreement for the sale, purchase, exchange or leasing of immovable property for a period exceeding one month, including assigning the property with valuable consideration or through the transfer of company shares.

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The declaration form concerning the temporary provision of services for regulated professions in the Republic of Cyprus can be submitted either electronically through the PSC Cyprus portal (electronic online application form) or by post/hand to the competent authority:

Council of Real Estate Agents
Corner of Armenias & Lykourgou 1,
2001 Strovolos, Nicosia
PO Box: 28954, 2084 Nicosia
Tel. +357 22666377
Fax. +357 22518490
Email: mesitwn@cytanet.com.cy
Website: http://www.creacyprus.org.cy

The declaration form should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • copy of proof of nationality of the provider (identity card or passport);
  • copy of certificate that the applicant is lawfully established in an EU member state for practising as a real estate agent and is not subject to prohibition, not even temporarily, for providing real estate agent activities/services at the time he or she has acquired the certificate ;
  • copies of evidence of his or her professional qualifications;
  • copies of evidence that he or she has practised as a real estate agent on a full time basis in the member state of establishment, for at least two years within the last ten years (only in the event that the real estate agent’s profession is not regulated in the member state of establishment).

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Natural persons or legal persons providing real estate services in the Republic of Cyprus are obliged to comply,with the provisions of the Real Estate Agents Law of 2010, as periodically amended, and specifically among others, with the following:
  • notify the prospective buyer of the property of all the information relating to the physical condition of the property, the charges thereon, including any other restrictions on the property under any legislative, judicial, administrative or other governmental act or decision;
  • maintain an insurance coverage of €200.000 in the Republic of Cyprus or an insurance coverage of equal amount by an insurance company that lawfully conducts business in another EU member state that cover the liability of the real estate agent, within the Republic of Cyprus, in the event of a breach of the real estate agents legal obligation to fully inform the buyer mentioned above.

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Cyrpus Real Estate Agents Association
P.O.Box 21455, 1509 Nicosia
Tel. : +357 22 889759
Fax. : +357 22 667593
Email: yianna@ccci.org.cy
Website: https://www.facebook.com/SKEKCyprus/

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