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Operating a Pharmacy


In order to operate a pharmacy in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to register the pharmacy with the Pharmacy Board, which operates in accordance with the Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254), Article 3.

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Registered Pharmacies are obliged to comply with the provisions of the relevant Law and Regulations, as periodically amended.

Registered pharmacists are obliged to comply with the provisions of the following laws as well as the relevant secondary legislation issued on the basis of them, as those apply/are in force at any given period of time, to the extent which those relate to/concern the practicing of the Pharmacy profession:

(a) The Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254);

(b) The Medicinal Products for Human Use (Quality, Supply and Price Control) Law;

(c) The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law,

(d) The Pharmacists (Associations, Discipline and Pensions Fund) law.

Among other, they have the following obligations:

1. Operating a pharmacy according to the regulations Regulatory Administrative Act 281/2000 on Specifications for Establishment and Operation of Pharmacies & New Regulatory Administrative Act 161/2019;

2. Book-keeping (fprescription register, controlled medicines (narcotics), purchases, duplicates of receipts);

3. Supply of prescription-only/controlled medicines only in accordance with a Doctor's prescription;

4. Selling only medicinal products which have a marketing authorisation in the Republic of Cyprus);

5. Sale of medicinal products at the price specified in the annual Pricel List issued by the Pharmaceutical Services, price must be stated on all products, check of the expiry date of medicines;

6. Full-day opening and on-call service according to the Pharmacy Board's Notification

Important: Only pharmacists employed in registered pharmacies are permitted to dispense prescriptions and to sell or supply medicinal products to any persons.

Competent Authority Supervision

Pharmacy Board: The Competent authority on Pharmacy issues.

The Registrar removes a registered pharmacist from the Pharmacists Register in the following cases:

(a) due to death;
(b) If the Pharmacy Board finds that his/her name has been erroneously entered in the register, without holding the necessary qualifications and other prerequisites for registration as per the provisions of the Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254) ;
(c) If the Pharmacy Council is satisfied that he/she is not capable, due to a physical or mental illness, to practise the profession safely and competendly:

Authorized inspectors from the Minister of Health: inspection of existing and prospective private pharmacies in Cyprus.

Disciplinary Council: Responsible for compliance with the provisions of The Pharmacists (Associations, Discipline and Pensions Fund) law and the provisions of the Pharmacy and Poisons Law (Cap. 254).

A pharmacist is subject to disciplinary prosecution:

  • If convicted by a court for an offence involving a lack of honesty or moral obscenity;
  • If at the time of practicing the profession showed indecent behaviour or behaviour incompatible with the pharmacy profession;
  • If he/she succeeded in registering as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy and Poisons Law by false or fraudulent actions.

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Pancyprian Pharmaceutical Association

Website: https://www.cpa.org.cy/

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