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Establishing Private Veterinary Laboratories


In order to operate a private veterinary laboratory in the Republic of Cyprus the laboratory should be registered by the Registrar after the appropriate decision of the Cyprus Veterinary Council.

The Registrar is the Director of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

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The Cyprus Veterinary Council recommends a private veterinary laboratory to register, only in cases where:
the laboratory is managed by at least one Director who is registered in the Cyprus Veterinary Registry and has not committed an offence neither was guilty of a disgraceful or inappropriate professional behaviour so that the Cyprus Veterinary Council has not imposed measures against him/her;
· has suitable and sufficient premises and equipment, so that the health of employees is ensured as well as the safe maintenance of samples and the scientific completeness of conduct of tests are carried out in according to the conditions of corresponding code of practice.

Additionally, the private veterinary laboratory should follow all the requirements and specifications of its registration (premises, operational and equipment) and moreover follow the procedures and requirements of the Veterinary Deontology and Regulations as amended.

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The registered Private Veterinary Laboratories are obliged to comply with the Exercise οf Veterinary Practice and Registration of Veterinary Surgeons Law 169/90 and with the Regulations of Private Veterinary Laboratories K.D.P. 272/2008, as amended.

The Cyprus Veterinary Council is the body that exercise disciplinary control on the registered private veterinary laboratories and impose disciplinary penalties.

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