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Temporary Cross-Border Provisions of Advocate Services


An advocate who is a national of a member state, residing and practising as an advocate in a member state other than Cyprus, can provide, as the case may be and for a specific case or matter, services in Cyprus, in accordance with the provisions of the Advocates Law.

An advocate who is a national of a member state and provides his/her services to the Republic, on a temporary basis, for representing and defending a client before a Court, can act, following an agreement, in conjunction with an advocate practicing in the Republic who is entitled to appear before the Court handling the case.

For the purposes of the above an advocate who is a national of a member state shall be obliged to produce to the President of the Court before whom he/she shall appear, a statement.

An advocate means any person who can pursue his/her professional activities in his/her home member state under one of the professional titles described herein the document entitled “Professional title per member state” in the related documents.

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The statement must be submitted directly to the competent authority:

Legal Council
Apellis 1, 1403 Nicosia
Tel. +357 22 889205, +357 22 889207
Fax. +357 22 667498
Email: info@legalcouncil.org.cy

For the purposes of representing and defending a client before a Court the following must be produced to the Legal Council either by the advocate who is a national of a Member State or by the advocate with whom he/she acts:

  • documents stating his/her capacity, at least ten days prior to the provision of his/her specific service;
  • information with regard to the services he/she shall provide in the Republic, their possible duration, his/her address, the Bar Association of the home Member State, the name and address of the advocate with whom he/she shall collaborate; and
  • a statement of non-incompatibility or disciplinary penalties against him/her.

A special book register on which the names of the advocates who are Member State nationals and provide services in the Republic on a temporary basis is kept by the Chief Registrar, which is called “The Register of Member State Advocates who Provide Services”.

If from the information in the Register referred to above, there is within the same year, a systematic provision of services in the Republic, a statement must be communicated to the interested advocate under which his/her case shall be subject to the regulation of his/her right of establishment.

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Cyprus Bar Association
11, Florinis Street, Office 101
1065 Nicosia
Telephone: +35722873300
Fax: +35722873013
Email: cybar@cytanet.com.cy
Website: http://www.cyprusbarassociation.org

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