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Practising as a Taxidermist


In order to practise as a taxidermist in the Republic of Cyprus one needs to obtain a taxidermy licence by the Game and Fauna Service.

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According to the article 61(4) of the Law 152 (I) of 2003-2017 every licensed taxidermist should exhibit his/her licence to a prominent place inside his/her workshop.

According to the article 61(5) of the Law 152 (I) of 2003-2017 a licensed taxidermist should keep a record/book with true and exact details for every wild fauna specie taxidermised, as mentioned in Type H, of Annex VII of the Law. For every wild fauna specie, three copies have to be kept. The first copy is given to the customer as a permit for the possession of the specie of wild fauna, the second copy is kept by the licenced taxidermist for supervision purposes and the third copy is sent to the head of the Game and Fauna Service.

According to the article 61(6) of the Law 152 (I) of 2003-2017 for every different specie of wild fauna or game brought in for taxidermy, the licenced taxidermist has to presented to a member of the Game and Fauna Service along with the record/book for taxidermy approval.

In accordance to the article 61(7) of the above referred Law for every authorised for taxidermy specie of wild fauna, a form has to be filled in; according to the Type F of the Annex VII. The lower part of the form accompanies the taxidermised specie and the upper part of the form is kept in the records of the licensed taxidermist.

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