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Republic of Cyprus
PSC Cyprus: Registration of a Business Entity - Company, Partnership, Business Name, European Company (SE), Overseas Company and other Entities

Local and foreign investors may establish any of the following legal entities or businesses in the Republic of Cyprus:

  • Companies (private or public);
  • Partnerships (General or Limited);
  • Business Name;
  • European Company (SE);
  • Overseas Company;
  • European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).

Initially, except in the case of establishment of a branch of overseas company, an "Application for Name Approval" has to be submitted prior to the submission for registration for any of the above-mentioned entities (Private Company, Business Name etc.).

In "RELATED LINKS " (to the right of the text) you will find useful links to the main electronic services available through the "Electronic Filing System" of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver; following a Registration Process with "ARIADNI".

It is noted that for using the electronic services (e-services) of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (DRCOR) the user Identification Procedure (profile verification) is not applicable. The available online e-services can be found under the category "Online Services related to Companies (DRCOR)" on ARIADNI'S E-Service Catalogue.

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Hide details for European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)

It is a cross-border cooperation between legal or natural perons ( The EEIG’s Members), from different European countries, in order to facilitate or develop the economic activities of these Members.

The establishment of an EEIG is based on Council Regulation 2137/85 of 25 July 1985 (Council Regulation (EEC) nO 2137/85)

For purposes of the application of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2137/85 of 25 July 1985 in the Republic of Cyprus the following legislation has been passed:

-The European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) (Implementing Provisions) Law of 2012 (161 (I) / 2 012) – (Official Gazette: Annex I (I), 4366, 23.112012) and

-The European Economic Interesting Grouping (Fees and Rights) (Amendments) (Regulations) of 2015 – (Official Gazette: Annex III(I), no. 4884, 24.7.2015, Regulatory administrative practices 247/2015, number 247, page 1648.

(1) Persons intending to establish the EEIG should submit to the Registrar of Companies the contract for the formation of EEIG:
In case that the contract for the formation of the EEIG is not in Greek language, a certified translation into the Greek language shall be given to the Registrar.

(2) The registration form, ΕΟΟΣ 1, the specimen of which is listed in Annex I, contains a declaration concerning the names and particulars provided for in subsection (2) of Article 8 of this Law.

(3) By registering the EEIG in the EEIG’s Register, the Registrar shall issue an EEIG registration certificate stating that the EEIG has been registered since the date of the entry mentioned in the certificate.

The relevant fees and royalties governing EEIG have been published in the Official Gazette; Annex III (I), no. 4884, 24.7.2015,
Regulatory administrative practices 247/2015, number 247, page 1648.

For more information, please contact the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver at tel .: 22404412 fax: 22404389, e-mail:

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