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Republic of Cyprus
PSC Cyprus: Registration of a Business Entity - Company, Partnership, Business Name, European Company (SE), Overseas Company and other Entities

Local and foreign investors may establish any of the following legal entities or businesses in the Republic of Cyprus:

  • Companies (private or public);
  • Partnerships (General or Limited);
  • Business Name;
  • European Company (SE);
  • Overseas Company;
  • European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).

Initially, except in the case of establishment of a branch of overseas company, an "Application for Name Approval" has to be submitted prior to the submission for registration for any of the above-mentioned entities (Private Company, Business Name etc.).

In "RELATED LINKS " (to the right of the text) you will find useful links to the main electronic services available through the "Electronic Filing System" of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver; following a Registration Process with "ARIADNI".

It is noted that for using the electronic services (e-services) of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver (DRCOR) the user Identification Procedure (profile verification) is not applicable. The available online e-services can be found under the category "Online Services related to Companies (DRCOR)" on ARIADNI'S E-Service Catalogue.

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An overseas company is not a legal entity different from that of a company registered abroad.

Overseas companies registered abroad may establish a branch in Cyprus, provided that they file with the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver within 30 days of such establishment. Notably, the branch must have the same name as the parent company.

The following documents, officially translated into Greek language, should be submitted, by hand or by mail, to the One Stop Shop or to the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver:

  • List of submitted documents by a foreign company (AE1);
  • List of directors and secretary of a foreign company (AE2);
  • Data of the overseas company’s authorised representatives residing in the Republic of Cyprus (AE3);
  • A written statement signed by the authorized person showing: (1) the name and the legal status of the company, (2) the registration number, (3) the registered office, (4) the place of business In Cyprus, (5) the objects for which the company is established, (6) the issued and nominal share capital;
  • Information regarding the dissolution of the foreign company, the appointment, the personal data and the powers of the liquidators, as well as the settlement of the liquidation, bankruptcy, composition or other analogous procedure to which the foreign company is subject;
  • In the case of a non-EU company, details of the law of the State in which the company is governed;
  • A certified copy of the parent company’s charter or statutes or memorandum and articles of association in an official language of the Republic of Cyprus (with official translation in the Greek or English language in a different case). The certification should be made: (I) by a Government official to whose custody the original is committed, (2) by a notary Public, (3) by a company’s officer before a person with authority administered under oath;
  • Fee of €300,00, plus €80,00 for the accompanied documents, plus an optional €100,00 for accelerated procedure (payable in cash, cheque, deduction from an account held by the applicant in the Registrar of Companies or bank transfer).

Online applications for the registration of overseas companies can be submitted via "ARIADNI" (link in "Related Links").

Affidavit Of Witness Of signatures For Electronic Registration Of An Overseas Company is required in such a case.

The registration is completed within one week under normal procedure or three (3) business days under accelerated procedure from the date the application was duly submitted. For further information you may contact the One Stop Shop/PSC Cyprus at tel. 22409318, fax: 22409432, email: or the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver at tel. 22404392/318, fax. 22404389, Email:

Show details for European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)

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