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International companies may establish a business in the Republic of Cyprus on equal terms as the local companies. Administrative procedures for establishing a company have been simplified reflecting the importance placed on the country's development as an international business centre. Provided below is a list of business set up procedures in the Republic of Cyprus:

General business set up procedures:
Registration of a Company, Partnership, Business Name, Overseas Company and other Entities
Local and foreign investors may establish any of the following entities in the Republic of Cyprus. Read more››

Residence and employment permit
Residence and employment permits are granted mainly on a temporary basis and for a specified work position. Read more››

Social Insurance Scheme Registration
Every person gainfully occupied in Cyprus, either as an employed person or as a self employed person, is compulsorily insured under the Social Insurance Scheme. Moreover, every employer has to register with the Employer’s Register of the Social Insurance Services. Read more››

Registration to the Tax Department – Income Tax and Value Added Tax
Comprehensive information on the procedure and formalities for Tax Department Registration both for Income Tax and VAT.Read more ››

Premises related procedures:
Planning Permission and Development
Before the commencement of any development it is necessary to obtain a town planning permission for the conversion of premises and/or the relevant building/construction works. Read more ››

Building Permission
In order to build, demolish, construct, extend, amend, repair or convert the use of premises in the Republic of Cyprus, after the obtainment of a town planning permit, one needs to obtain a building permit by the appropriate local authority. Read more ››

Professional Premises
In order to use any building or any other type of premises for the operation of a business activity (industry, commerce, exercise of a profession or any other income earning activity) in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain a license for the use of any premises for business activity by the local Municipal or Community Council, within the boundaries of which the activity will take place. Read more>>

Sector specific procedures:

Depending on the business activity pursued, specific procedures and formalities maybe required. Read more ››

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