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Transport of Animals


Any person transporting animals in connection with an economic activity at distances exceeding 65 km from the place of departure to the place of destination must be authorised as an animal transporter from the Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

Persons transporting animals at distances exceeding 65 km from the place of departure to the destination and the transport does not exceed 8 hours must be authorised as a type 1 animal transporter, while persons carrying out long journeys (over 8 hours) must be authorised as a type 2 animal transporter.

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The Veterinary Services grant authorisation to transporters provided that:

·The applicant is established in the Republic of Cyprus, or in case of applicant established in a third country, is represented in the Republic of Cyprus.

· The applicant has demonstrated that he/she has sufficient and appropriate staff, equipment and operational procedures at his/her disposal to enable him/her to comply with the legislation. For this purpose the following criteria must be met:

    (a) All means of transport by road must have valid certificates of approval if they will be used for long journeys or certificates of suitability if they will be used for short journeys.The certificate of approval is issued either by the Veterinary Services or the competent authoritiy of another Member State, whilst the certificate of suitability is issued by the Veterinary Services only.

    (b) All drivers and attendantscarrying out journeys at distances exceeding 65 km from the place of departure to the destination must have valid certificates of competence issued either by the Veterinary Services or by the competent authority of another Member State following the attendance to training courses and passing a relevant examination.

· The applicant or his/her representatives have no record of serious infringements of Community legislation and/or national legislation on the protection of animals in the three years preceding the date of application. This does not apply where the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Veterinary Services that all necessary measures to avoid further infringements have been taken.

· At the time of submission of the application the transporter must have not applied for an authorization to the competent authority of another Member State.

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Authorised transporters must comply with the provisions of the Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the Protection of Animals during Transport and Related Operations and the provisions of the Protection and Welfare of Animals Law.

Transporters must notify in writing the Veterinary Services for any changes in relation to the information and documents submitted with their application within 15 working days from the date the changes took place.

In case that the application submitted contains false information or in the knowledge of the applicant material facts are concealed, the Veterinary Services may proceed to the rejection of an application, deletion from the relevant registry and take all legal measures.

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