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Production and Trade of Plant Propagating Material


In order to produce, reproduce, preserve and/or treat, import or market plant propagating material in the Republic of Cyprus one needs to register at the suppliers’ registry and obtain a supplier’s license by the Propagating Material Production and Marketing Board.

The term “plant propagating material” covers whole plants or parts of plants as well as any plant material intended for propagation and production of plants and belongs to species or genera or groups of plants as defined in the relevant Regulations. Those Regulations refer to:

  • fruit plant propagating material and fruit plants intended for fruit production: olive trees, citrus trees, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, hazelnut trees, strawberries, fig trees, other berries;
  • vegetable propagating and planting material;
  • propagating material of ornamental plants;
  • vine propagating material.

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Individuals or legal entities may register at the supplier’s registry and market plant propagating material, provided that they hold appropriate facilities depending on the type of propagating material traded; such as a net house for citrus and stone fruit trees.
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Registered suppliers of plant propagating material are required to:
  • Keep relevant records of production and sale of plant propagating material;
  • Maintain appropriate facilities and implement appropriate production methods;
  • Inform the Plant Health and Quality Control Sector regarding harmful organisms.

Authorized Plant Propagating Material Inspectors of Plant Health and Quality Control Sector conduct regular inspections of the plant propagating material during any stage of production or trading. Such inspections include sampling for laboratory testing, visual inspection of mother stock plantations, inspection of the facilities and verification of methods followed, records keptetc. according to their obligations. Each registered supplier shall keep an updated registry with the transaction and the destination of each plant product sold.

Prior to the movement of the plant propagating material from the place of production, relevant inspection by Authorized Plant Propagating Material Inspector of Plant Health and Quality Control Sector, shall take place. Plant propagating material must be officially labelled or accompanied by the supplier’s document, depending on the species, category of the material.

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