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Operating a Dental Laboratory


In order to operate a dental laboratory in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain a licence for the operation of dental laboratory by the Cyprus Council for the Registration of Dental Technicians and Laboratories, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.

The odontotechnic activities can only take place in licensed dental laboratories; such activities include the creation of casts/mould, the processing of metals and other materials for denture works, the assembly of additional works related to partial or whole dental plate, dental crowns, and dental bridges orthodontic machines, telescopic crowns and preciseness links and any other relevant work undertaken by dental technicians upon the written instructions of a dentist.

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Every natural or legal person is eligible to obtain the licence for the operation of dental laboratory, provided that the Cyprus Council for the Registration of Dental Technicians and Laboratories is satisfied that the following criteria are met:

  • the dental laboratory, for which the application is being submitted, will be established and operate within independent and self-sufficient premises, especially arranged for this purpose;
  • a town planning permit relevant to the usage as a dental laboratory has been obtained;
  • the dental laboratory is adequately equipped according to the Practicing the Dental Technicians Regulations (see related documents) i.e. as per the size, the health conditions, the lighting, air-condition, machinery etc;
  • the owner and manager of the dental laboratory is a registered Dental Technician with the Cyprus Council for the Registration of Dental Technicians and Laboratories.

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