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Registration to the Tax Department – Income Tax and Value Added Tax

Obligation to register with the Tax Department for Income Tax purposes has:

  • A physical person when his/her gross annual income exceeds €19,500
  • Legal entity (company) established in the Republic of Cyprus.

Obligation to register with the Tax Department for Value Added Tax (VAT) purposes has:
  • A physical or legal person established in the Republic of Cyprus whose taxable-transactions value of the goods and services that were carried out over the 12 preceding months period, or which will be carried out within the next 30 days has exceeded or will exceed €15,600
  • Person (physical or legal) who makes acquisitions (from other Member States) in the Republic of Cyprus if:
    • at the end of any one month, the total value of its acquisitions over the period of one year, starting from the 1st of January, exceeds the threshold of €10,251.61
    • whenever there are reasonable grounds to believe that the value of this person's acquisitions over the next 30 days will exceed the threshold of €10,251.61.
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Registration with the Tax Department is achieved by:
  1. filling in the form T.D. 2001 "Application for Obtaining Tax Number";
  2. filling in (additionally) the form T.D. 1101 "Additional Application for VAT Registration" ONLY for those who wish to activate their registration for VAT purposes

T.D. 1101 form is submitted at the same time with form T.D. 2001.

The above-mentioned forms must be submitted either by hand to the local District Offices of the Tax Department, or by hand or mail to the PSC Cyprus/One-Stop Shop.

The form T.D. 2003 "Amendment of Taxpayer’s Data" is only completed when an already registered taxpayer (registered with the registry of the Tax Department) wishes to modify his/her/its personal data, and it is submitted by hand to the local District offices of the Tax Department.

All forms/applications are available on the Tax Department’s website (link in the "Related Links") under the thematic section "Forms" → "Tax Registration/Data Amendment" (link in the "Related Documents).

All applications must be originally signed and be accompanied by:
  1. a copy of an official receipt/document, proving that the person carries out taxable activities/transactions in the Republic of Cyprus (e.g. copy of a contract, copy of an invoice related to his/her/its activities/transactions or other document), when a registration for VAT purposes applies.
  2. specific evidence as listed below for each individual case (the cases described below are the most common and do not constitute a comprehensive list):

  • Physical person
    • copy of identity card
  • European citizen
    • copy of " Certificate of Registration” from the Civil Registry and Immigration Department
  • Non-European citizen
    • copy of “Residence Card” from the Civil Registry and Migration Department
  • Legal entities – (companies)
    • copy of the “Certificate of Incorporation” ;
    • copy of the “ Certificate of Registered Office”;
    • copy of the “Certificate of Directors and Secretary;
    • copy of the “Shareholder's Certificate (where applicable).
  • Partnership
    • copy of “Partnership Registration Certificate”;
    • form Φ.Π.Α. 102 (available only in the Greek language).
  • Provident Funds/Unions and Foundations
    • certificate of registration;
    • minutes of a recent general meeting signed by the Acting Board of Directors.
  • Business Name
    • copy of “Business Name Registration Certificate”.
  • International Business Entities (companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus whose main business activities are conducted abroad)
    • questionnaire for the registration (for VAT purposes) of international business entities (where applicable).
  • Physical and legal persons who are NOT registered with the registries of Cypriot Authorities
    • necessary identification evidence (must be provided in the Greek language) from the competent authorities abroad (e.g. tax identification number/Identification Card/social insurance registration number. A physical person's passport is not regarded as identification evidence and should not be attached);
    • signed letter from the person or the authorized representative of the company explaining the reasons for applying for registration with the Tax Department.
The Tax Identification number (T.I.C.) is issued within 1-3 working days.

The VAT Registration Certificate is issued and sent by post within 8-12 days.

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