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Operation of a Private School of Gymnastics



(General Information)

In order to operate a Private School of Gymnastics in the Republic of Cyprus, one must file an application with the Cyprus Sport Organisation and obtain the relevant licence.

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(Where To Apply)

The application for Operating Licence for Private Schools of Gymnastics , can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or you can contact directly the competent authority:

Cyprus Sport Organisation
Makario Athletic Centre Avenue
2400 Engomi, Nicosia
P.O. Box 24804
Tel.: +357 22 897112, +357 22897117
Fax: +357 22 358222, +357 22352204
E-mail: gym_centers@sportskoa.org.cy, dgeorgiadou@sportskoa.org.cy
Website: http:// www.cyprussports.org

(Which Certificates Must Be Submitted)

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • copy of the Construction permit;
  • a set of the Gymnasium’s architectural designs (facades, ground floors, sections) on a 1:100 scale duly signed by the project officer/architect;
  • a letter of eligibility from the Fire Brigade on the inspection carried out;
  • certificate of Suitability of Electrical Installations (as this is periodically amended) issued by the Cyprus Electricity Authority and is in force or Periodic Inspection Attachment (as periodically amended) in force issued by the Department of Electromechanical Services;
  • copy of a Hygiene Certificate from the Health Services of the Ministry of Health or from the Health Services of the Municipal Authorities, which certifies that the hygiene facilities comply with the directives of private schools of gymnastics;
  • copy of a Conformity Certificate of the equipment (from the manufacturer concerning the health and safety of the users);
  • private School of Gymnastics Staff List (separate form);
  • registration fee of €20 (either by cash or cheque payable to Cyprus Sport Organisation);
  • application for listing on the Physical Educationists trainers registry of the Organisation;
  • in case the gymnasium has a swimming pool a licence to operate a public swimming pool by Virtue of the 53(5) Rule of the Public Swimming Pools 1992-1996 law.

In case the school of gymnastics operates a legal entity the following documents are also required:
  • copy of the Memorandum of Association;
  • copy of the Articles of Incorporation;
  • copies of the corporate certificates with respect to the Company’s Directors and secretary.

The letters/certificates provided after the inspection should be related to the year of application for the licence to operate a private school of gymnastics.

It is noted that before obtaining the Town Planning Permit, the applicants may ask the Competent Technical Department of the Cyprus Sport Organisation for its preliminary views by simply addressing to it a letter accompanied by a full set of architectural designs).

(Fees Applicable & How to Pay)

Registration fee of €20 (either by cash or cheque payable to Cyprus Sport Organisation).

Upon approval, the applicant needs to pay the following fees to the Cyprus Sport Organisation for the issuance of the operating Licence:
  • €200 for the first discipline related service, and
  • an additional fee of €150 for each and every other discipline related service provided.
(Desicion Notification)

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within 3 months from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted (accompanied by the above required documents).

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(Legislation & Obligations)

(Which Law Applies)

"Οι περί Ιδιωτικών Σχολών Γυμναστικής Κανονισμοί" (see 'Related Documents')

(What Are My Obligations)

Every private school of gymnastics, depending on the discipline-related services, employs the necessary staff (heads, physical educationist/trainers, in order to provide the necessary and at a satisfactory level of training to its customers.

The number of trainees exersing a sport per trainer suprervising them shall be determined in accordance with the Annex of the Amending Regulations on Gymnastics Private Schools of 2012.

The Private Schools staff who will provide their services and are employed in the said Schools should apply for listing on the Physical Educationists / Trainers Registry of the Organisation.

The interested parties should apply by fulfilling the Form for this use (application form for listing on the Physical Educationists / Trainers Registry, see Forms). The applications should be handed over at the CSO Offices. It is hereby clarified for the interested parties that each application should be fulfilled and all the required documents should be attached; otherwise their application will be considered void.

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