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Professional Premises

In order to use any building or any other type of premises for the operation of a business activity (industry, commerce, exercise of a profession or any other income earning activity) in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain a license for the use of any premises for business activity by the local Municipal or Community Council, within the boundaries of which the activity will take place.

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Every natural or legal person is eligible to obtain the licence for the operation of professional premises, provided that the Municipal or Community Council is satisfied that the following requirements are met:

  • the obtainment of a Building Permit for the specific use;
  • the obtainment of the Certificate of Approval for the premises by the Municipal or Community Council;
  • or/and copy of the Title of deeds.

Moreover, in case that the pursuing of the specific activity relates to the compliance with requirements provisioned by different legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, the local Municipal or Community Council requires, where applicable and provided that those requirements are defined and published at least 1 month prior the submission of the application form, the presentation of those documents such as the report of the Certificate of Appropriateness by the Cyprus Fire Service, the Certificate of Appropriateness issued by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services (EMS), the licence for operating catering and entertainment establishment issued by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the Sanitary Certificate by the Municipal or Community Council.

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The application form for the obtainment of the licence for the operation of professional premises can be submitted either through the PSC Cyprus or by contacting directly the local Municipal Council or Community Council, depending on the location where the activity will take place.

On site inspections are carried out, by authorised inspectors of the Municipality/Community in order to ensure that all the prerequisites are met.

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within four months from the date that the application form and supporting documents were duly submitted. Upon approval, the applicant needs to pay the relevant fees, depending on the type of premises (see related documents), to the local Municipal or Community Council accordingly; the method of payment depends on the local Municipality or Community Council.

The licence is valid for a duration of six months or one year; the licence is renewed by following the same procedure as described above.

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