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Provision of Services on the Protection and Prevention of Risks at Work


The provision of services to employers or to self employed persons, concerning protection and prevention of risks at work in the Republic of Cyprus, requires prior approval by the Chief Inspector, who is the Director of the Department of Labour Inspection of the Ministry of Labour Welfare and Social Insurance.

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The application for approval of a person to provide services on protection and prevention of risks at work, can be submitted either electronically through the PSC Cyprus or by contacting directly the competent authority. Please note that the submission of the aforementioned online application form necessitates the use of an electronic signature, which has to be under the sole control of the applicant.

Director,Department of Labour Inspection
CY-1493, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel.:+357 22405623
Fax:+357 22663788
E-mail: info@dli.mlsi.gov.cy
Website: http://www.mlsi.gov.cy/dli

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • copy of Academic Education (Degree, Diploma, etc.);
  • copy of Training on Occupational Safety and Health (according to the attached document);
  • it is noted that the duration of relevant training programmes and seminars is based upon the academic and / or Special Education of the applicant on Occupational Safety and Health. (see abovementioned document in related documents);
  • copy of Certificates from previous employers, recommendation letters and personal work sample attesting professional experience on issues of safety and health at work;
  • copy of Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • copy of the relevant certificate of the appropriate authority of other EU member state, in the case of the provision of services on protection and prevention of risks at work in another European member state;
  • proof of very good knowledge of the Cyprus and European legislation and policy that regulates safety and health issues at work by successfully sitting for a written exam organized by the Department of Labour Inspection twice a year;
  • copy of a recent sample of work carried out regarding safety and health at work issues (for example, participation in the preparation of a Written Risk Assessment for a business, participation in the preparation of a Safety and Health Plan for temporary or mobile construction sites, etc.);
  • Starting on 1.1.2015, payment of prescribed fees for the assessment of the application (€150).

The applicant is informed regarding the authorisation decision within three months, provided that all required documents and information have been received.

The approval granted for a person to provide services on protection and prevention of risks at work remains valid, as long as he or she fulfils the conditions/requirements/any other legal obligations which accompany the approval.

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Approved Persons for the provision of protection and prevention of risks services are obliged to comply with the relevant Laws concerning Health and Safety at Work, as periodically amended, and specifically with the following:
    • record keeping, such as tests, measures, researches, recommendations etc. for each premise, enterprise or establishment of employer or self- employed person to whom the approved person has undertaken to provide services;
    • submission to the Chief Inspector of the Annual Report of Activities by the end of the first two months of every new year;
    • safeguarding the business confidentiality concerning both the approved person and the employer or self-employed person to whom the services of the approved person are provided or have been assigned;
    • cooperation with the employer or the assigned, by the employer, employees for matters of protection and prevention of risks as well as with the representatives of the employees and employers to whom the services are provided.

At the same time, based on the Code of Professional Ethics, Approved Persons are committed to:
    • devote themselves to the work they undertake which they are obligated to perform to the maximum attainable degree and according to the moral principles respecting the human dignity;
    • exert every possible effort to provide high quality services;
    • implement the legislation related to the protection and prevention of occupational risks into their own working environment;
    • be sincere, objective, selfless and reliable when they are asked to express their professional opinion or advice for issues of protection and prevention of occupational risks;
    • take all necessary measures to obtain, maintain and develop their professional competency, following up the progress in the sector of safety and health at work and to ensure that their employees do the same;
    • not undertake activities for protection and prevention of occupational risks, which they are not competent to carry out with full adequacy and capability. Recognize the limitation of their capabilities and avoid undertaking activities for which they are not experienced and qualified;
    • accept their professional responsibility relating to activities and take all necessary measures in order to ensure that the persons, who work under their supervision or collaborate with, are capable to carry out the assigned duties;
    • inform in writing the employer, with whom they agreed to provide services for protection and prevention of occupational risks, when they believe that their professional advice is not yet implemented by him, and also about the likely adverse consequences as a result of not implementing their advice;
    • ensure that the information they process for all physical persons namely the employer and the staff of the enterprise with which they have agreed to provide services on protection and prevention, are treated and processed according to the provisions of the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law of 2001 as amended;
    • not damage, mischievously or try to damage the professional reputation, prospect, or the work of the other Approved Persons who provide such services for Protection and Prevention of Risks;
    • collaborate with the competent services of the Department of Labour Inspection.

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Cyprus Safety and Health Association
P.O Box 16048
2085 Nicosia, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 99172410, +357 22879166
Email : info@cysha.org.cy
Website: http://www.cysha.org.cy

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