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Point of Single Contact Cyprus

Point of Single Contact Cyprus
Within the scope of harmonization with the Services Directive, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism has established the Point of Single Contact (PSC Cyprus) in order to facilitate the establishment of businesses in the services sector and the cross border provision of services within the internal market. Read more ››

PSC Cyprus Services
The PSC Cyprus Portal provides information regarding procedures and formalities needed for the access to, and exercise of, servive activities, either through the establishment of a business or through the cross border provision of services, that fall within the scope of the Services Directive. Read more ››

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You may submit a message with your queries by filling the submission form. Read more >>

Contact Information
13-15 Andrea Araouzos
1421 Nicosia,
Telephone: +357 22 409318
Fax: +357 22409432
E-mail: psccyprus@mcit.gov.cy

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